Thomas Gainsborough: The Blue Boy

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Thomas Gainsborough: The Blue Boy

Step One: The medium's employed by Gainsborough for this work are canvas and oil paint.

Step Two: Description

A. The work depicts a young man approximately 15 years of age, and by virtue of the clothing donned by him, is of

well to do status, or is modeling the outfit, as required by theartist. The setting is out doors, with a panoramic view a valley

to the left of the boy. No other people, animals or inanimate objects are present in the painting. The dark and blustery

appearance of the sky, seem to forebode stormy weather approaching, or the approach of evening. The boy maintains a

casual stance, and has a serene expression.

The boys outfit is predominately blue, with buttons running almost the entire length of the center of the shirt portion. The

bottom of the shirt, and the inside portion of the arms, having no fasteners, are slightly open, revealing a white undergarment.

The region bordering the entire outfit is stitched with a delicate line of gold thread , which includes the neck region,

arms, wrists and leg's.

The neck region of the shirt, is adorned with a fine, delicate

white material, which appears to function as a collar. The pants are interrupted at the knee region, where a pair of

white leggings begin and travel into the boys shoes. On each leg, where the legging's begin, there are what appears to be

bows, which indicate the leggings might be tied at this point, with bows serving to anchor their position, and allowing the

lower portion of the material to be pulled down and held inside the shoe, much the same as modern day socks or panty-hose

function. The right arm shows there to be white material which is hidden from view...