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Thomas J Jackson was born on 21 January 1824 at Clarksburg, (West) Virginia, US and a graduate of west point on 1846, he also was a famous confederate general and a professor at Virginia Military Institute. He also was the first commanding 1st brigade, army of the Shenandoah. During the fight he earned his nick-name "stonewall". During the Mexican war he also earned "Tom fool Jackson" and "old blue light" as nick-names.

While the outbreak of the civil war he was assigned colonel in the Virginia force after being transmitted to Harpers Ferry where he was organizing the new armed forces.

His later assignments were commanding valley district department of northern Virginia

And lieutenant general of the army of northern Virginia. When he left Harpers Ferry

His team move with him to join Beau regard at Manassas, during the fight at 1st bull run

The team and it commander were so different that they were call "Stonewall" by general

Barnard Bee.

That fall Jackson was given command of the valley with a promotion to major general.

Thomas Jackson was wounded by some of his men while he was returning to his own line

He had to face the amputation of his arm. Jackson was a excellent commander he had several faults and personal problems that haunted him and a dispute with Loring and with

Garnett his choices for promotions were often not first rated. He did not give his subject enough freedom, which denied training for higher position .

Jackson was a very successful man he won victories during the civil war like the

1st Winchester battle ,the front royal as well as the Cross key in along with the port republic and finally his famous first battle call "Bull Run". He also earn two braves through the Mexican war...