Biography of the great Confederate General Stonewall Jackson.

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Stonewall Jackson

Who is the first known American victim of friendly fire? Perhaps some of you are thinking of Stonewall Jackson. At Chancellorsville on May 2, 1863 Jackson was accidentally shot by his own men. He is known as an outstanding tactician, and one of the Confederacy's ablest commanders. He was born Thomas Jonathan Jackson on January 21, 1824, in Clarksburg, Virginia or what is now West Virginia. He graduated from West Point in the middle of his class in 1846. He then served in the Mexican war in the artillery where he eared two brevets. Afterwards he taught at the Virginia military institute. The cadets thought he was strange calling him "Tom Fool Jackson" and "Old Blue Light". Jackson married twice. In 1853, he married Elinor Junkin who died a year later giving birth to their stillborn son. 1857, Jackson married Mary Anna Morrison who bore Jackson a daughter, Julia Laura.

Upon the outbreak of the Civil War Jackson was commissioned as a Colonel and organized raw recruits. He then became a brigadier general in 1861. In the first battle of Bull Run General Bernard Bee dubbed him and his brigade Stonewall for holding back Union forces. At the time this could have been a complaint because Jackson was not coming to the General's aid. Whatever the cause the name stuck. The 1st Brigade was the only Confederate brigade to have its nickname become its official designation. His reputation gained him promotion to Major General. Stonewall Jackson had many victories under his belt the most renowned helping to defeat General McClellan in the Seven Days' Battle at Richmond.

General Jackson was known as a hard disciplinarian and both hated and admired by his troops. He led by example. He enjoyed being in charge and was often hard to work...