Three Changes in the American Family in the Last 50 Years.

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The American family has undergone many changes in the last fifty years. Some of these changes are the things a kid does. Most kids now spend a majority of their time watching TV or sitting at the computer. Another change is the amount of time the parents interact with their children. This is because in many families, both parents work and are gone most of the day. Another thing is the time a kid has to become an adult. Most kids don't have to work like they used to. Such as, doing few things around the house, chores, or helping support the family.

I think these changes have helped in some ways and hurt in other ways. Kids watching TV all the time doesn't give them as much time for socializing or being creative. I also think that kids need more time with their parents. Kids need to learn to talk with their parents and also to learn from them.

I think with kids not working as much has given them much more time to socialize with peers and more time to learn. However, they may not learn as much responsibility without having to work.