Tiger Subspecies

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Tiger Subspecies

I am here writing a report on the sub species of tigers. Many of these tigers will not survive in the next forty years due to the killing that us humans have caused. Tiger sub species have not been as important to us humans as whether or not the species Tiger Panthera tigris can survive either in the wild or in captivity for the next forty years. Nevertheless a great deal of information on the future of the tiger can be learned from a study of subspecies. Which is what my report will be based on.

It is amazing to me that people want numbers of tigers. Process is the important aspect. If I say that the number of Sumatra tigers today is between 300 and 400, it doesn't tell one that the 1975 census was 1500. Therefore saying that the Bali tiger, theCaspian tiger, the Javan tiger, the Manchurian tiger, and the Southwest Chinese tiger are now extinct doesn't give you aportrait of the process of extinction.

The Javan tiger became extinct in the 1970's in a set aside special national park under full protection.

Politicans and bureaucrats seem to be obsessed with numbers and not trends. Let me illustrate this with tigers.

There are frequently requests as to the exact number of tigers, or a tiger subspecies left in the world. That tells you that there are people that care. But there are so little tigers left that we can not even keep track of them.

We should look at the trend that the population is taking, rather than the number as a slice in time. Just as you might say of a young member of the Hunt family, that they were very wealthy. A hypothetical individual was 24 years old and had $1,000,000.