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Purpose: I want the audience to understand that Tiger Woods is the new Michael Jordan of the sports world.

Speaker Duties: My main goal is to annunciate more. I feel very week in it and hope to conquer this weakness of mind. I will al so try to use more hand gestures because it makes my speech more compelling.

I. Introduction

A.Who would nickname their child "Tiger?" According to Ron Sirak of Golf Digest in his February 2002 article, "Among The Greats," it was the parents of Eldrick Woods who according to Jack Nicklaus, known as the greatest golfer of the twentieth century, in a recent interview on The Golf Channel's Golf Talk is "the greatest golfer of this generation."

B.I understand that many of you may not enjoy or follow the game of golf, but the story of Tiger Woods is as unique as a fingerprint.

C.Due to time constraints, I will limit my focus to three areas of Tigers life.

First, I would like to present a few interesting points regarding Tiger's background. Next, I will briefly highlight a fraction of his hundreds of golfing achievements. Finally, I will demonstrate that his motivation and passion extends beyond golf competition, evidenced by his creation of the charitable Tiger Woods foundation.

II. Body

A.Eldrick Woods was born on December 30, 1975 in Cypress, California, and is the only child of Earl and Kultida Woods. According to Earl Wood's book, "Training a Tiger," stated that Eldrick was nicknamed "Tiger" after a South Vietnamese soldier that Earl became friends with while serving in Vietnam. Earl himself in his 1998 biography on his son, ironically called, "Tiger and I" named his son "Tiger" because his friend, Nguyen Phong was a like a "tiger" on the battlegrounds and he showed tremendous will and bravery.