Title: Cencorship in Libraries (a persuasive essay) Question: Should there be cencorship of any kind in public libraries

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Public libraries, in many peoples' everyday lives, play an important role by representing a source for free information for the public's interests, and different people have different ideas and interests. Public Libraries, to the extent that their budgets permit, provide information that the public can access depending on their interest and their own values without a cost. Public libraries also provide the public with information on different sides of controversial issues. On some occasions, public libraries contain material that some part of the public finds not appropriate, offending, or even threatening. It is up to those people to make choices depending on their own beliefs and values, to read or not to read the information, books, and other reading materials provided in the public libraries. Therefore, public libraries must avoid any type of censorship, doctrinal positions or the espousal of a particular point of view and provide balanced materials describing different points of view for all the controversial issues.

The first amendment and the United States Constitution guarantee the freedom of speech and the right to receive information freely. Therefore, one should be allowed to express their beliefs and values and anyone should be able to access that person's thoughts and viewpoints without someone deciding if the material should be provided to the general public. The public should be able to read what another believes in and they should be able to make a clear decision of where they stand in a controversy depending on others' view points. Public libraries must ensure that they provide the public with the widest diversity of information, points of view, and expressions; including those that are not popular without reflecting the personal values of the librarians or anyone who controls the library systems. One person should never be confined to materials that another...