TiVo in 2005

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Summary:TiVo Inc. was incorporated in 1997. It was initially founded as a home networking business that offered a magnitude of interactive features to consumers within their home. Their aim was to develop a smarter entertainment system at a price consumers could afford. TiVo began developing digital video recorders (DVRs) which enable subscribers to record programs without VCRs or DVDs, allowing them to watch what they want, when they want. They have provided viewers with greater control, easier navigation, and a wider range of view options. TiVo is now a leading DVR provider. They have created a new platform which gave them the first mover advantage being the first company to enter the DVR market. As well, they offer a differentiated product.

TiVo is now facing an increase in product market competition. A key issue at TiVo is that they have been exploring many different business models, making it hard to define their organization.

TiVo has the option of going directly to the consumers or through distributors to obtain profits. The new CEO of TiVo, Rogers, has many decisions to make concerning the future of the organization. He must explore his long-term strategic options in order to regain a competitive advantage in the emerging industry of computer and electronics.

External Analysis:From the beginning, TiVo has been in a market leading position. With the creation of DVRs, they are part of a thriving industry. DVR is a fairly new product market that is growing and changing rapidly. Social trends are changing to favour personalized products and services; therefore TiVo has great potential to expand on diverse customer base. They have the option of selling directly to consumers or selling through original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and licensees.

TiVo’s brand image is fairly strong compared to other major competitors. They have...