Today's Marilyn Monroe

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The world of fashion is an eternal drafting process. Unfortunately, we now have editors with less sense of style than Pauly Shore. Fashion moguls are turning out the most ridiculous outfits I've seen since Tarzan. This situation thoroughly confuses me; and I'm constantly left asking the question, "Why?" Nonetheless, it all is fashion, and unlike most prehistoric creatures, its extinction is only as likely to come as our own. Teenagers are continually displaying more outrageous attire in order to become more fashionable. They exhibit today's hottest style, but moreover, a lack thereof.

Presenting the new and improved 2005 model F teenager, complete with all of the whacky accessories you've come to know and laugh at! He has grossly oversized clothes, fake metal bling-bling (that looks just like the real thing), and the most happenin' patchy facial hair. Dragging right alongside is his unmistakably teenaged girlfriend, with her beautiful orange complexion and sexy little belt...

or wait, no ladies and gentlemen, that is actually her skirt! How does she pull it off? That is simply amazing, folks.

Some time ago, I had gone to the mall with my mother. We were sitting at the food court, enjoying our lunch when a most amusing spectacle occurred in front of us. A young man, probably fourteen years old, attempts an escape in his flamboyant apparel. The waistband on a pair of jeans drapes over his calves, gathering the remaining pant legs at his size fifty-two-and-a-half shoes. The shirt the young man wore was intended for a half ton whale, and it falls over his string-bean body like a king-sized comforter over a pencil. My mother and I saw nothing but a poor boy that had "shat his drawers" and was fleeing in embarrassment, until we saw a security guard following swiftly behind...