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14 October 2014

! The Adventures of Tom Sawyer: Freedom from Society's Grasp ! "My! Look behind you, Aunt!" (Twain 2). In this scene, one can notice the eagerness of

Tom trying to break from his Aunt's grasp on Tom. Tom is an impish child who outsmarts his

Aunt and others in order to achieve freedom as a child. However, one can examine the

continuous change in Toms speculations on society. Mark Twain clearly describes the themes in

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Overall, Mark Twain asserts that the ultimatum of Tom's fate is

the progressive progression in becoming more mature. The three themes that show the gradual

change of Tom are youth, superstition, and social maturation.

The first point that is displayed is the gradual change in Tom is youth. It is conspicuous

that one must progress through youth in order to mature. In this instance, Tom is the epitome of

having a considerable youth. Tom has experienced a multitude of journeys with his friends Huck

and Joe. A few of these journeys they have gone through includes running away from home,

trying to summon the devil, and also pretending to be dead. These experiences of youth pave the

way of one's journey. For example, if one had a terrible youth, his matured life most likely will

have similar experiences to those he had when he was a child. Some of the experiences Tom has

are memorable and unforgettable. Tom demonstrates to us how one should endure his youth.

Youth is a time of fun, cleverness, and exploration throughout one's life.

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The first component is fun. Fun conveniently depicts whether one had a satisfying

childhood. Childhood is a time of mischief and playfulness. Although...