The topic of 9/11 is very controversial. Some people believe that 9/11 was a terrorist attack while others say it was a government setup. In this essay I show example both ways.

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9/11 a Government Cover-up

The topic of the attack on the twin towers in New York City on September 11, 2011 is controversial. Many believe that 9/11 was a terrorist attack on the United States, from a terrorist group known as Al Qaeda. Then there are other known as conspiracist's who believe that the attack was a government set up simply to have a strong reason to go to war against Iraq. To believe that the United States government killed thousands of their own citizens to start a war seems unbelievable. There are many reason why conspiracist's say this, but for every reason they give there is a response from the government. The two main reasons are the collapse of the twin towers, and the collapse of world trade center 7 which was never even hit by a plane.

The south World trade center collapsed at 9:59 AM eastern time.

Later at 10:28 AM the north World Trade Center collapsed. These planes were hi jacked by terrorists, who belonged to the terrorist group known as Al Qaeda. Shortly after the plane crashed both building burned in flames and collapsed. The government states that the twin towers fell because of the 10,000 gallons of jet fuel in the commercial plane. Thus causing the steel columns to collapse, leading to the whole towers collapse. This theory is a possibility. It is a known fact that heat can cause steal and many other metals to expand, thus weakening the columns of the building, inevitably leading to the collapse of the towers (Debunking 9/11 Conspiracy Theories). This was believed for some time until something caught the eyes of conspiracists. Conspiracy theorists believe that a thermite reaction was used to destroy the twin towers. Thermite is a mixture of iron oxide and aluminum powder. When...