The Toughest Fight in my Life

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Approximately four years ago I lost my son Alex, he is and was everything to me at that time drugs meant more to me than him. I live in a house where everything was totally cool or I thought was. I did not care about anythng or anybody except getting high. I went to jail about four times for possession, the last time I went to jail is when I lost my son. It was the worst feeling in the whole world. When you go through those doors especially not knowing where the police took your son. You feel lost, lonely, at a loss for words, wondering what is going to happen next. One of the worst things that I had to do was to call my parents, and let them know what had happened. I have always respected my parents. I never even swore in front of them. Telling them that I lost my son and what happened to me was a nightmare.

They thought I was a good mom, but things do change especially when drugs are involved.

I had to do seventeen days in jail, hanging out with all of the girls wondering what was going to happen. Well finally they let me out and I had no place to go. I stayed at the homeless shelter, working at a store on Mendocino. After that I went to the orinda Center for a 30-day program, and boy did I learn a lot about myself, my addiction and what I needed to do to curve my appetite. Then the good news came, I was able to start visiting my son, and the whole situation was very weird. We both felt that we did not know each other anymore. We were scared. In the meantime, I was attending...