Towards a Definition of Culture

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Towards a Definition of Culture

Cultures are phenomena. It is an observable occurrence of events around us, but is very difficult to define. What is the reason for culture being so difficult to define? It is because there are so many different aspects of a culture that defy definition. However, we can define several portions of culture to get a good understanding of a specific culture and cultural values. Many of the today's cultures include unity, religion, freedom, and language. Those few insights of a culture can guide us towards a Definition of culture.

September 11, 2001 horrible events are clear indications of people's culture. The people who did this belong to a culture of terrorism. But through out all those events it is important to see how people unite to help out the ones who were injured. Those events have brought all of us close together. The results to the attacks were seen on the freeway.

Because of the ban on flying in the United States, the newscasters had to drive to get news. And the newscasters notice drivers on the freeway were driving about 10 miles per hour less than the posted speed limit. Most of the drivers were noticeably nicer to other drivers. On the freeway usually that is not the case, it is usually the opposite. The United States culture will not be the same after whatever happened on September 11. It has changed our lives forever. At the same time it has also brought us closer together to donate blood, money, cloths to help out other. There were long lines of people who want to donate blood. Many people were turned away because there was not enough staff to handle that many people. No political party, religious movement or any other event brought American together...