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Chaudhry 2


Mr. Steven Dawson



United States is a place of dreams. People come here to achieve their dreams and to live a happy successful life here. U.S here in 2008 was in unstable position as many people were tired of Bush's policies and works. They were looking for a change and as we know that American president can only run for two terms, which made obvious that now someone new was coming as people predicted that it should be someone from Democratic Party. Meanwhile it was Barack Hussein Obama who was running for president against Republican's John McCain. Everybody was expecting something more than they were getting at the moment, such as vacancy in jobs and boost in economy. President Barrack Obama won in 2008 which made lots of people happy as they voted for him and they won. After he won he did made some promises and in some of those promises he did kept in large numbers.

The first promise he kept and the issue at the moment which was creating problem worldwide was that there was a war going on that time with Iraq. Which he stated that he would finish the war in Iraq and bring back the troops from there, which he did. (Hussein, 2012)People were really excited about Obama becoming president as they were hoping that now he would do something big about introducing jobs. By bringing others companies from the world to start working here and making good relations with the other countries for trading. As trading with other countries is a big step in increasing economy and jobs.

Trade refers to buying and selling of goods and services for money or money's worth. It involves transfer or exchange of goods and services for money or money's worth, a...