Traditions and Encounters Chapter 28 The Islamic Empires outline

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Chapter 28 The Islamic Empiresthe Taj Mahal was tomb built for emperor Shan Jahan’s wife in 1649the Peacock throne was unbelievably expensive throne adorned w/ diamonds, rubes, emeralds & pearlsthese 2 things show wealth of Mughal empireOttoman empire ruled most of E. Europe, Egypt & N. AfricaThe Savafid dynasty never expanded past Persia but caused a threatAll 3 empires came from nomadic Turkish-speaking ppls from central Asia & adopted Islam & effective use of gunpowderEach empire waged long, costly wars that drained resourcesFailed to invest in economic & technological developmentFormation of the Islamic Empires:The Ottoman Empire“Ottoman” came from the founder of the dynasty that continued in unbroken succession from 1289-1923Osman was chief of a band of semi-nomadic TurksHim & followers sought to become ghazi, Muslim religious warriorsThe Ottoman’s were located outside Byzantine & waged a holy warSeized Anatolia & estab. foothold in Europe & Balkan & N. AfricaAnatolian city of Bursa became capital in 1352Through system called devshirme, Ottomans required Christian population of Balkan region to contribute young boys to become slaves of the sultanReceived special training & converted to IslaSome went on to be in the military also known as Janissaries, from Turkish word yeni cheri “new troops”In 1453 Mehmed 2 (Mehmed the Conqueror) captured ConstantinopleBecame new capital & renamed it IstanbulLaid foundation for tightly centralized state & army didn’t face a serious rivalFinished conquers w/ Greece & AlbaniaContinued expansion w/ Suleyman the Magnificent (1520-1566)Conquered Tigris, Euphrates, Danube,Under him Ottoman’s became major naval powerAlso referred to him as Suleyman “the Lawgiver”The Safavid Empire:In 1499 a 12 year old escaped from Caspian sea where he hid from enemiesbecame head of army & laid claim to ancient Persian imperial title of the shahShah Ismail also proclaimed official religion of his realm would be Twelver Shiism & he imposed it when...