"The Tragedy of Julius Caesar"

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The Tragedy of Julius Caesar was written over 400 years ago by one of the greatest playwrights, William Shakespeare; Julius Caesar was made in 1970 and directed by Stuart Burge. When creating a movie based on a written piece, such as a play, changes are going to be made. Because it will be the director's own version of the play he will make it based on his perception and then add his own creative ideas. These changes from the written piece to the movie can be good in ways and bad just the same. On one side, the movie may give a better idea of what is going on just by the director's own interpretation being expressed by and seeing it acted with the special effects of a movie. On the other side, a left out scene or piece of information can confuse an audience member who has not read the piece beforehand.

The purpose of this essay is to examine you of the differences between The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, the play and Julius Caesar, the movie; and, to explain why are these good and bad changes were made.

There was a difference between Cassius' monologue in the play and in the movie. The main difference was his speech about saving Caesar. In the play Cassius tells a story of how he and Caesar raced, in the river when it was very rough. Cassius had arrived at the shore first, and Caesar begged him to help. "Caesar cried 'Help me Cassius, or I sink!' I as Aeneas, our great ancestor did from the fames of Troy upon his shoulders the old Anchises bear, so from the waves of the Tiber did I the tired Caesar," said Cassius. In the movie they skipped this story, which made the movie...