Training Design and Development

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Companies must have an overall objective in order for any training to be effective, and at the same time the company will need to help fulfill their employees personal goals by designing a training program for employees to utilize. By using Cricket Communications in the area of "poor customer service", we will look at what is involved in a training program for this company. There are five steps that Cricket Communications would need to follow to create an effective systems approach in training: make a needs assessment, design a training program, develop the program for a working environment, implement the developed training program, and finally, develop a system to evaluate the training. Because of the effectiveness of this five step process it has become popular causing other companies to use these steps in making up their system approach to training.

Needs assessment

A needs assessment is the first step in the instructional design process.

Needs assessment refers to the process used to determine if training is necessary (Noe, 2002, 74). Employee training and developing). Why design and conduct a needs assessment? Cricket Communications would need to consider the benefits of any intervention before they implement a program:

* What learning will be accomplished?

* What changes in behavior and performance are expected?

* What are the expected economic costs and benefits of any projected solutions?

Different organizations are often in a hurry to get new information out in order to make the money that is desired. The solution the company comes up with may not be the right solution; therefore, causing the company to spend countless time and money on something that may not work. This is one reason Cricket Communications customer service has suffered.

A needs assessment involves three steps:

1. Organizational Analysis

2. Person Analysis

3. Task Analysis...