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Travelogue Have you ever been to New York City? If you have you obviously know how wonderful and magical the city really is. if you fly to New york City you should go on United Airlines, this is a fast and inexpensive way to get to New York. When you arrive to the "Big Apple" I suggest you take a taxi to Manhatton, since it is close to all the major attractions. If you plan to stay in a hotel the Royal Hotel is a great place to spend the night, it gives you first class service at a very low price.

Some of the attration in New York City are either beautiful or breath taking. The first Attraction you should see is theEmpire State Building, which is a large office building in the center of New York. You should see Madison Square Gardan which is a popular stadium home to the New York Knicks.

If you love live shows Radio City Hall is the best place to them. It hosted some of the great broadway musicals like Cats. The biggest attraction in New York is probably the Statue of Liberty, which is a largest statue in the world. If you plan seeing the Statue of Liberty you must take a fairy. The last attraction iwill talk about is Yankees Stadium, which is a popular baseball stadium home to the New York Yankees.

Now I have told you all the wonderful thiings about the greatest city in the whole world and I hope you will experience the wonders of New York City too.