Travis' Marijuana Incident

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Travis' Marijuana Incident

Travis is out to a party on a Friday night. It was the last day of the term, and Travis just wanted to forget about school. It is almost midnight and Travis and his friends are having a great time. His friend offers him some marijuana but he declines his offer. He was aware that it was illegal, he knew the risk and he said he wouldn't give in to his peers influence. But after about ten minutes of persuasion, he finally gives in to the peer pressure and smokes some marijuana through a bong. He loved it and had some more.

Just before school went back, Travis started feeling the effects of smoking the marijuana. He started talking and laughing more than he usually does, he started getting a dry mouth and he had poor coordination. He had to confess what he had done to his parents, because the guilt was eating him alive.

He told them that it was only a one off thing and it wouldn't happen again. His mother and father were very angry at this and they grounded him until the last weekend of the school holidays. His parents were very concerned that this drug taking could have the potential to become an addiction. Travis and his parents didn't know what to do next.

With much help from his parents and other special people, Travis decided to think up some strategies to prevent this to never happen again. And to put these strategies to the test, Travis got invited to a party with one of his closest mates on the last Saturday before school went back. His mother and father were aware of this party, and knowing that there was the likelihood of there being illegal drugs, not just marijuana. Travis knew that he had to depend on his will to not give in to the peer pressure and take these harmful substances. He also wanted to be strong because he didn't want to get grounded for the second time in as many weeks.

Luckily for Travis and his parents, he didn't give in to the peer pressure, although he was hassled by his friends for being a wussy and not doing it. But it was all worth it for Travis who never took drugs again and the strategies that he and his parents came up with helped him for the rest of his life.

By Adam Hodgess