The treatment of Aboriginals.

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The Sydney Morning Herald

- Commemorative Issue of Aboriginal Rights -

Find how much you really know about the treatment of Aboriginals.

This commemorative issue includes information on, the day of Mourning, the progress of the Assimilation Policy, the Freedom Rides, the Wave Hill Strike, the 1967 referendum, land claims by the Gurindji and Yirrakala tribes and the Tent Embassy Protest.

The 1938 Australia Day, the nation celebrated 150 years of white settlement. On this day Aboriginal people marked the anniversary with a "day of mourning". A conference and protest was help at the Australian Hall in Sydney. After years of protest about the restrictive policies towards Aboriginal people, a group called the Aborigines Progressive Association (APA) used that day to make another appeal. They urged the government to bring about new laws for the education and care of Aboriginal people, and policies that would bring full citizenship and civil equality with the white community.

The "Day of Mourning and Protest" made an impact, achieving both media attention and an agreement by the Prime Minister to receive a deputation of delegates.

The day also saw an awful distinction. Aboriginal organizations in Sydney refused to participate in the Government's re-enactment of the events of January 1788. In reaction, the Government transported groups of Aboriginal people in from western communities to participate in their place. The visitors were locked up at the Redfern Police Barracks stables and members of the Aborigines Progressive Association were denied access to them. After the re-enactment at Farm Cove (Wuganmagali), the visiting group of Aborigines were featured on a float parading along Macquarie Street.

During the 1950s one of the main strategies for enforcing the assimilation policy was the encouragement of the western work ethic, and the training of Aboriginal people to fill predominantly semi-skilled s and...