Trial By Jury.

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Trial by Jury

"Trial by jury" is a "trial by the country" In my opinion, trial by jury is the best way to achieve justice because rather than one man judging the accused there are 12 men who will be judging. In addition, trial by jury prevents oppression by the government. And finally, trial by jury is very beneficial in Canada, providing exceptionally fair and just trial.

Elders used to say, 2 heads are better than one head. You can use this saying in trail by a jury. Trial by a jury consists of 12 men, who decide whether the accused is guilty or not. They all will look at the accused differently after the court session is over, but they all have to come at a unanimous decision, 12 to 0. They are argue and discuss what went on in the trial and then vote on them and look deep into the evidences provided to them.

Some times judges misunderstand the evidence and since there is only one judge deciding the fate of the accused, there is no one to tell whether he is making a wrong conviction. Judges are not as broad as the juries are, even though judges have more knowledge of the law then jurors.

Juries put an end to oppression by the government because they are chosen randomly and they government does not interfere in it. Since the government has no right to control the selection of the jurors, there are not jurors who will do what they want them to do. For instance, some times government might want to put some one in jail because he/she might be a threat to them so they chose some juries who will vote guilty and then the accused would be serving unnecessary punishment. It also prevents...