“Trouble Maker” Embryonic Stem Cell Research

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26 December, 2013

"Trouble Maker" Embryonic Stem Cell Research

All human beings come from a form of embryo. Some of them slept comfortably in mothers' uterus, waiting for growing up. However, some of them were, unfortunately, in researchers' tubes with no chance to experience this wonderful and colorful world. They devoted their life to science without option. Indisputably, the chief culprit is the embryonic stem cell research. Currently, the problem of embryonic stem cell research is becoming increasingly severe. Some so-called scientists attempt to extract embryonic stem cells from blastocysts for medical research. Nevertheless, this research requires the subsequent destruction of embryos used. The entire field remains ethically contentious. Moreover, the practical treatment of embryonic stem cell research is imperfect and risky. There are more and more potential medical risks being exposed. To deal with these issues, scientists have already found substitutes of embryonic stem cell research, which avoid high cost and moral problems.

All in all, the embryonic stem cell research is illegal, immoral and unnecessary.

In the first place, the stem cell research is morally wrong. To obtain embryonic stem cells, the early embryo has to be destroyed. (Hickey) Obviously, embryo is the potential human life. It will become a person and should be given the respect and dignity of a person. It is not a humane way that people sacrifice an innocent life for their own benefit. In recent years, the use of embryonic stem cell has set religious groups and political parties into frenzy. Around the world, there are numerous religious groups believing the embryo has the status of a human from conception and no embryo research should be permitted. They regard the human embryonic stem cell research as a form of abortion. The Roman Catholic, Orthodox and...