Troubleshooting Local Area Networks

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Computers have taken a very important role in every day life of most people. People use computer at work to analyze data, send emails, develop applications and monitor applications and traffic. Large number of people uses computers at home also to check their emails browse internet and play games but most of these activities require the use of internet. Internet is accessed through modem and router provided by internet service providers. Most people have more than one computer connected to the internet through a switch or hub creating a local area network. In organization the internet is provided in same manners but the switches and routers are bigger and powerful than a 4 or 8 port hub. This sharing of network introduces element of complexity in network performance. Local area network can be affected by numerous issues starting from the member computer on the network to the website the user is trying to access.

I will discuss the issues that can play role in network performance starting from a workstation that user use to access the network.

1. Workstations1.1 RAM (Random Access Memory):RAM Plays an important role in performance of workstations, servers and printers. Increase in RAM can help in preventing paging issues with virtual memory. RAM as defined in an article "acts as a high speed middleman, providing enough data from the hard disk for microprocessor to use at any given time without making it wait for hard drive" (RAM, 2007, Para.3) because hard drive is relatively much slower than RAM.

1.2 Virtual Memory:Increase in virtual memory file can also boost the performance of workstations and servers. The virtual memory size should be set to one and half time the amount of RAM.

1.3 Hard drive:Hard drive provides virtual memory and most of the some information processed by the...