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Truman Essay "Mommy! Daddy! You're the best!" exclaimed Matthew. Commonly, throughout childhood, children tend to believe that their world is perfect. Their parents are held as heroes in their minds, and they are carefree and happy. Children often accept how their parents present life to them. Truman Burbank grew up on a live television show. He never suspected that his whole world was an elaborate illusion because of very influential actors, which posed as Truman's parents. As Truman grew up and began to formulate his own ideas, he realized that his perfect world in Paradise wasn't everything he originally perceived it to be. Truman experiences a "loss of innocence" as he becomes unsheltered. He learns about the truth of the world around him, and that everything or each person isn't always good. This shows that everyone at some point in their life needs to come to the realization that things aren't perfect, and yet they must also have the courage to step out of their perfect world and face life's difficulties.

Truman Burbank's life can be explained through Kirkegaard's existentialist theory on the three stages of life. Within these three stages are the aesthetic, ethical, and faith. Kirkegaard believes that everyone is born into the aesthetic stage. This is where humans accept life as it is dictated to them through other people. Humans, who come to the recognition that they're living in an illusion, and are unable to emancipate themselves from this phoniness, are thought to being living in the ethical stage of life. Kirkegaard considers humans, who have removed themselves from their old technique of living to a brand new one, as people living in the faith stage.

Christof tenderly states to Truman at the end of the film, "You have nothing to fear." This is true because...