The Truth behind Witchcraft and Wicca.

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Witchcraft is a religion that is practiced all around the world. Witchcraft has been around since mankind has been around. Witchcraft practices many different things. Witchcraft is used as a title for many earth religions. People may also refer to witchcraft as the craft. Damien Echols was found guilty of murder based on unfounded allegations regarding his practice of witchcraft.

Witchcraft is a recognized religion by the United States government. "Witchcraft is a way of life, a practice, a belief system and a religion (Spring)." Witchcraft is considered an earth religion, which means being in harmony with the Earth and with all life (Covenant). People of witchcraft can be referred to as a pagan (someone who practices Earth Religions). A Witch is someone who worships the Gods and Goddesses. Witches also practice magic and follow the spiritual path of Witchcraft (Covenant). Witchcraft is trying to link back to together with the life-force of nature (Spring).

Modern witchcraft today includes divination, casting spells, herbalism, and worship (HarlCazz). People of witchcraft worship the Goddess of the Earth, the Triple Moon, Horned God of the sun and animal life as visualizations of immanent nature (Covenant). Basically people of witchcraft worship the earth (HarlCazz). Witchcraft does not have a bible or a sacred text. Each person that practices witchcraft may have their own Book of Shadows to follow (Spring). In the Book of Shadows are rituals, invocations and charms, experiences and journal entries form the practioner's years of experience (Spring).

The religion witchcraft has three different traditions, Classical witchcraft, Gothic Witchcraft, and Neo-Pagan Witchcraft (Spring). Classical Witchcraft is "early Nordic which included the Germanic languages, Dutch, Icelandic, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish peoples." Classical is broken down into three parts. Ceremonial is based on Egyptian magic. Strega began in Italy around 1353 by a...