The Truth About Teen Curfews

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The Truth About Teen Curfews

A recent study conducted about teen curfews revealed that "[a]mong more than 200 cities with curfews, officials in 96 percent consider them 'very' or 'somewhat' effective" (Boyle 11). Perhaps one of the most convincing reasons why these curfews are so effective is because facts show they lessen violent teen crimes. In addition to reducing violence, teen curfew regulations also create a sense of safety for residents in the town. Despite the fact that they decrease crime, teenagers ignore them because of the absence of enforcement. Although one might say teen curfews do not limit violence, evidence shows that instituting curfew laws reduce crime and create a sense of safety for all, but because of the lack of enforcement, they are not as effective as they can be; therefore, cities across America should strictly enforce teen curfew laws.

In order to make curfew regulations even more effective, cities need to strictly enforce them and have more punishments to encourage children to listen to the laws because without penalties teens disobey curfew laws.

For instance, teenagers disregard the laws because the majority of the time, if a child gets caught after curfew, they are not punished, and even if something does occur, it is an insubstantial fine. Due to the fact that towns do no issue penalties if a teen gets caught after curfew hours, they are more likely to repeat the offense again because they know no punishment will ensue, which is a reason why cities across America should firmly enforce teen curfews. Specifically, in jurisdictions that have teen curfews, local law enforcement believe almost 60 percent of the children that got caught for a curfew infraction will repeat the crime once more (Bannister par. 11). As a solution to make the curfews more effective, the...