Tungsten (the element).

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Tungsten it is a vital to the world and without it our society would be without certain types of wires, light bulbs and other things. Tungsten is the element on the periodic table that is represented by a 'W'. Without it we would in a different world. Tungsten has an atomic number of seventy-four (74) and can be found on the periodic table to the right of Tantalum. Tungsten is an element with obviously 74 electrons and 74 protons. The amount or neutrons in this element total one-hundred-ten. Like all other elements there is a nuetral charge to it. Tungsten is categorized as a transition metal. Among the other transition metals there are Iron, Cobalt, Gold, Mercury and others. Tungsten can be used in wires and light bulbs as well as other things because it has a very high melting point which makes it harder to ruin when used in electronics.

Tungsten was found in 1781 by brothers who were from Spain with the last name of de Elhuyar. Other information about Tungsten: Number of Energy Levels: 6

First Energy Level: 2

Second Energy Level: 8

Third Energy Level: 18

Fourth Energy Level: 32

Fifth Energy Level: 12

Sixth Energy Level: 2

Atomic Weight: 183.86