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Turn of the Screw by: Henry James After reading "The Turn of the Screw", by Henry James, I was left with many unanswered questions. The two main questions are, are the ghosts in the story real, or are they just figments of the narrator's imagination? When I read though the essays of criticism, I took a stand on one particular argument. I took a stand that supports the argument that the ghosts are real.

In this story we see many strange things taking place at a house on Harley Street in a town called Bly. We meet Mrs. Grose a housekeeper who is taking care of the house while the master is out of town. The governess, also the narrator and unnamed in this story, has more credentials than the housekeeper and is mainly in charge of caring for the children. Flora and Miles, two young children who are left in the care of these women until their uncle returns.

Throughout the story the governess explains to Mrs. Grose that she is seeing two people staring at her. At first Mrs. Grose thinks what she is saying is ridiculous, but after careful examination she begins to agree with the governess. The governess explains in full detail what these people looked like and Mrs. Grose tells her it's the ghosts of Peter Quint (the previous butler) and Miss. Jessel (a previous maid).

Mrs. Grose may or may not see the ghosts the same as the governess. After realizing the governess is quite scared of these ghosts, she might be beginning to play a scheme to get full control over Flora. Mrs. Grose wants Flora to herself because she has no children of her own. Every time the governess sees the figures Mrs. Grose is around. Is this a coincidence?...