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My internship this semester was at Wesley Chapel Elementary. I have been working in a continuous improvement classroom of kindergartners, first, and second grade students. My supervising teacher is Mrs. Gallenstein. She allowed me to tutor several students each week but only one child has been my focus every week. The little girl I have tutored without fail has been Briele. She is a beautiful little girl that is behind in her basic abilities. However, she was tested for learning disabilities and none were discovered. I felt privileged to observe the meeting with the school psychologist that addressed Briele?s testing results. Her reading is actually very slow and I believe that her other subjects suffer because she is so busy trying to decipher each word that she is not able to comprehend. I think if her reading improved she could catch up quickly but it would require a lot of work.

She is very quick to smile her way into having others provide her the information she needs without reading. I tutored her mostly in reading. This was my main focus because it would aid all other subjects. I have worked with her for one hour before lunch each week. All of our sessions, but one, have been one-on-one in the center area.

What has stunned me is Briele?s weekly change in ability. The first week we were together Mrs. Gallenstein and I discussed that Briele did not have any Accelerated Reading (AR) points and that her home life did not support furthering her reading abilities. Her grades would suffer unless she got the required ten AR points so that is where I began. We choose a level 1.1 book. My understanding of the meaning of the 1.1 rating is that it is a first grade, first month book.