Twelfth Night and She's the Man

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She's the Man is a film produced in the United States in 2002, directed by Andy Fickman. This hilarious comedy is most famous for being the most well-known adaptation of Twelfth Night, a famous play written and composed by William Shakespeare. The film She's the man playfully retells the story through its character adaptation from the original play. The main character, Viola Hastings, disguises herself as a man and takes her brother's place in the boy's soccer team. Her intentions behind being that girls are as capable of doing what boys do, and by the very end it is evident that she succeeds to do that. The original play from Shakespeare however, demonstrates a similar concept when the main character Viola, later adopts the man-name Cesario, finds herself in an island shipwrecked and separated from her twin brother Sebastian. The ship captain clothes her as a boy so that she would instead serve the duke.

Both plots manipulate characters through love triangles and misunderstandings between them.

Both in the play The Twelfth Night and in the film She's the man, the characters of Viola and Cesario respectively are presented as women acting as men. Strengths and weaknesses of both characters may differ at times, however their ways of becoming a man was through physical disguise, and by changing their appearances to look like one in order to fool other characters. While Cesario used a fake moustache and facial hair, Viola had sideburns. Deepening of the voice helped the process although at times they mistakenly resorted back to their normal voices.

An example from the Twelfth Night is when Cesario and Duke Orsino are pushing each other around when Cesario starts to squeal like a female after losing control on the cliff. This incidence stands out in particular as suddenly the...