Two diary entries (journal) of a voyager's journey being a Hudson Bay Company's fur trader and his personal experience and views

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My Diary

June 15th, 1805

I have learnt a French song today. I have found singing is a great way to be entertained and escape reality while traveling the long tedious roads of our journey. With over two months left of our trading trip I already miss my family tremendously. I asked the other members how they cope with missing their families. They simply said: "You'll get used to it. Just make yourself really busy everyday and you won't even have time to think about them." I am not confident I will be able to distract myself from missing my family. However, I will try my best to practice their advice in hopes it will succeed.

With our food consumption consisting of only four fish and some pemmican we decided to stop onshore and hunt for food. As we were about to begin we were fortunate to meet up with some first nation's women.

They offered us pemmican and harvested wild rice to eat and even provided us clean clothing. Their generosity and kindness deeply touched us; we thought we'd do something kind in return when we come back in the next season.

Continuing our journey to Fort Garry we paddled through Lake Winnipeg to the North Saskatchewan River. On this immense lake, the wind and waves often made the canoeing impossible. Consequently, we were forced to wait on shore huddled in our small tent for the water to calm. Sam told us stories of his dad and his life as a voyageur. He told us to toss a button into the lake and make a wish. Following his instructions I made a wish for the wind to change directions and to my astonishment, it worked! With the wind now behind us, we raised a sail and began traveling...