Two Perspectives On Being Parents

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Two Perspectives on Being Parents If a person wants to know what to expect when they are expecting or want to know whether they should become parents or not they should read the two poems that I have selected. These two poems show both ends of the parenting spectrum. Both poems are pretty short but reveal a lot about what different parents feel about themselves and the children that they raise. In After Making Love We Hear Footsteps, the title suggests several different things. At first I thought the poem might be about a couple who is afraid of getting caught having sex, but I also thought about a kid walking in on his or her parents. In this poem a couple is shown that rejoices in the inconveniences that becoming parents brings. This poem illustrates that at times having kids is rough, but they are all little blessings in themselves.

If a person is skeptical about becoming a parent they should read In the Park. The title suggests that the poem has something to do with a park but nothing more than that. When I think of a park I think of peace a quiet, but that is definitely not what this poem is about. This poem shows the hardships that come along with children and the regret that a woman feels over having four kids of her own. Each poem is equally worthy and each show us the realistic side of each end of the spectrum.

After Making Love We Hear Footsteps, by Galway Kinnell, is a poem about a married couple that has just made love when their young son wakes up and goes into their bedroom wanting to snuggle with them. Their son is more than just an interruption or inconvenience for them. They love their...