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Savanna Rovazzini

WW1 essay

Ms. Anderson

April 29th 2014

Germany and Austria Hungary

Over the years many historians argue over what country is to blame for the cause of World War 1. Although it is hard to pin all the blame entirely on one country, most people point to Germany and Austria Hungary as the major players in the start of the war, and for good reason. Many people disagree and state that Serbia is at fault for the start of the war for their assassination of Austria Hungary's leader (Sir Richard J. Evans). But it is quite the opposite; Germany and Austria Hungary over reacted majorly to the assassination of their leader and pushed the war on Serbia which eventually caused the rest of the world to join in. Germany and Austria Hungary are to blame for the cause of World War 1 because they instigated the war and urged other countries to join for their own benefit.

During the time of the war Germany was a relatively new country trying to restore the balance of power and build up their army. When Serbia assassinated Austria Hungary's leader Franz Ferdinand, it was the perfect opportunity for Germany to get them involved in a war. Germany sent over a "blank Check" to Austria Hungry giving them support to invade Serbia (Catriona Fennell). Germany urged Austria Hungary to go to war and they took their tempting offer and pursued war with Serbia. Because of this action, Russia then became involved in the war to aid Serbia and ordered general mobilization of troops. Germany jumped to conclusions that Russia wanted to join the war and declared war on Russia. In the past years Russia began associating more with European affairs and started modernizing and acquiring a stronger army. Germany saw...