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Preliminary Course; Community & family study

Nicholas II tsar of Russia

By Jake

Leadership style

Nicholas the II was a people orientated leader he cared a lot for his people and what they were afraid of, he help best he could with the increase of poverty in his country but he could not do anything for them Russian was at a difficult time. Nicholas II was heavily driven to do what is best for his people and his country he tried many was to please his people but was resented by many of his people. Many of the Russian people saw Nicholas as a task orientated ruler though, there view of him was distorted by the input of the royal advisers telling Nicholas II what to do and telling him what was the right thing to do for his people and his country. Nicholas II believed and trusted in his advisers but this ended with his people thinking that all he wanted was to be Tsar and to be ruler of a mighty nation.

While in the United Kingdom in 1893 Nicholas II observed the House of Commons in a debate and was extremely impressed by democracy, Nicholas II was also impressed by the United States Congress while on a visit to the United States of America. Nicholas II was so impressed he wanted the people of Russia to have a say in the people who represented them and to make a government system that was much like the one Use in the United kingdoms but would still be in charge as Tsar to insure this system works. Unfortunately his advisers got the better of him and convinced him it was not a good idea and that the people of Russia were ignorant and needed a tsar to continue...