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The Evil Monk: Rasputin The life and times of Gregory Efimovich Rasputin

leading to the eventual overthrow of the Russian imperial system, the dethronement of the House of Romanov and the assassination of the Imperial Family.Gregory Efimovich Rasputin came from solid peas ... Russia. Not one person, most of all Alexander III, ever imagined that this young and inexperienced Romanov would ascend the throne as early in life as he did.Nicholas II's mother, the Empress Maria-F ...

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The Palace of the Russian Tsar.

l rooms created for the Tsar's children. At the time of the Russian Revolution and the exile of the Romanov family to Siberia it was decided to convert the Tsar's palace into a museum which documented ... Siberia it was decided to convert the Tsar's palace into a museum which documented the life of the Romanovs in the palace throughout the 19th century . Naturally, the strongest emphasis was placed on ...

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Peter the great.

On June 9, 1672 Peter the Great of Russia was born, the son of Alexis Michailovich Romanov and Natalia Narishkina, in Moscow, Russia . Alexis was delighted, to celebrate "a great ging ...

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Using the film Nicholas and Alexandra and your own knowledge account for the fall of the Romanov Dynasty

For over three hundred years, Imperial Russia was in the hands of the Romanov family, beginning in 1613 with Michael Romanov. What became a mighty Russian Empire over thr ... became a mighty Russian Empire over three centuries was to crumble in 1917 in the hands of Nicholas Romanov II- the last Tsar. Although much of the blame is placed on Nicholas himself, other factors m ... ques of Nicholas and constant revolutionary forces. These factors, attributing to the demise of the Romanovs are all recounted in the 1971 film Nicholas and Alexandra.The beginning of the twentieth ce ...

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Book Report "Rasputin: The Saint Who Sinned" by Brian Moynahan

e. Most historians state that it was more than likely a combination of factors which dismantled the Romanov empire, but that one of the greatest factors was Rasputin's interference. However, not every ... ts were finally forced to the point of no return. They had nothing to lose by revolting against the Romanovs. There had been a steady increase in the discontent even prior to Rasputin, but in the end, ...

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Speech about the Romanov Dynasty

emperor. Its root is from Caesar, the name given to the rulers of ancient Rome. The history of the Romanov Dynasty is long, full of terrible conditions, ending with eleven brutal murders.The first Ru ... ward to claim the throne. Finally, the government decided to elect a new tsar. They elected Michael Romanov, who was Ivan's 16 year old nephew. He was the founder of the Romanov Dynasty, which lasted ...

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Peter the Great (1996) by William Marshall

irect and objective book about the life and legacy of one of the greatest Russian monarchs, Peter I Romanov. Besides the central text, the book also contains a small forward and preface, numerous docu ...

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'Nicholas and Alexandra'

rule; we are shown clearly what took place on 'Bloody Sunday'The films tells the tragic account of Romanov's last thirteen years in power as he struggles to hold and maintain his rule while he neglec ... curacy. One of the most important real events portrayed in the film was the brutal execution of the Romanovs, which were shown accurately, even though their remains were never found their cause of dea ...

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Consequence of political, social, economic impacts of WWI

nd severe destruction.For the political effects, the four European empires: Hohenzollern, Hapsburg, Romanov and the Ottoman Empire were collapsed. Germany lost all of her colonies, Alsace-Lorraine was ...

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Why Did The Bolsheviks Find It Necessary To Execute The Romanovs?

Why did the Bolsheviks find it necessary to execute the Romanovs? To the Romanovs, no compromise was good enough, the Romanov dynasty wanted to cont ... and delay all reforms until the war was over. The Bolsheviks wanted absolute power over Russia. The Romanovs relentless tactics in fighting the war undid the temporary government. The Bolsheviks, led ... t. The Bolsheviks, led by Lenin, whose slogan was "All power to the soviets!", undermined the Romanov's war effort. The government now wanted to take action against Lenin, but he went int ...

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Romanov Family

The Romanov dynasty began in 1613 when Mikhail Fedorovich and ended 300 years later with Nikolai II. Nik ... lish exile, but the government couldn?t stand up to the Bolsheviks? power.It wasn't long before the Romanov family was forced into exile in Tobolsk, then to Ekaterinburg. In Tobolsk, there life was ve ... Tobolsk, there life was very quiet and monotonous. But, a new red commissioner was sent to move the Romanovs again. The train that was supposed to carry the Romanovs to Moscow was stopped by Bolshevik ...

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The Decline And Fall Of The Romanov Dynasty

ry. It was a combination of factors, including his political ineptitude that led to the fall of the Romanov dynasty and eventually cost Nicholas II, the Tsarina Alexandra and their five children their ... owly began to detest her, calling her a German spy.Another influence on the decline and fall of the Romanovs? was the poor conditions that the peasants had to live in. The peasants made up the majorit ...

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o recentralize the demolished empire. The Imperial Period which was from 1698-1917 was the House of Romanov. Peter?s Westernization of Russia culminated in the destruction of the autocracy by the Soci ...

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Anastasia romanov

Search for Anastasia: dead or aliveOn the 17 of July, 1918 in Yekaterinburg the Romanovs were led Down to their basement by the Bolshevik secret police who had informed the family ... family portrait taken before being moved to another safe house location. The Tsar Nicholas and the Romanov royal family along with four servants followed the men down to the basement where there were ... he head. At the sound of the screams a platoon of armed men burst into the room and gunned down the Romanov family and there servants. The Bolshevik secret police left the room to let the smoke caused ...

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Tzar personality study

no matter what class. The majority of the Russian public had a different view they thought that the Romanovs rule over Russia was to end. They were so unhappy with the way that the way they were treat ... rn son of Emperor Alexander III and Empress Maria Feodorovna of Russia, he was born into the famous Romanov family which had ruled Russia for over 270 years. On 1 March 1881 Nicholas II grandfather wa ...

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