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On the 17 of July, 1918 in Yekaterinburg the Romanovs were led Down to their basement by the Bolshevik secret police who had informed the family they were to have a family portrait taken before being moved to another safe house location. The Tsar Nicholas and the Romanov royal family along with four servants followed the men down to the basement where there were three chairs for the Tsar his wife and son Alexei's were to sit on. As the grand duchess's Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia a long with their servants lines up behind the Tsar, his wife and Alexei. The supposed photographer stated who he really was an officer of the Bolshevik secret police and read the orders and charges of the execution, At this moment Tsar Nicholas was shot through the back of the head. At the sound of the screams a platoon of armed men burst into the room and gunned down the Romanov family and there servants.

The Bolshevik secret police left the room to let the smoke caused but their weapons to wore off. When they returned they realized that Maria and Anastasia were still alive, they had survived because they were smuggling jewelry buy sewing them on the inside of there corsets which acted like a bullet proof vest. The men quickly finished off Maria by stabbing her with a bayonet and bashing her over the head with the base of a gun, the solider did this too all the body's to ensure they were dead. The bodies Romanovs and the bodies of thee servants were disposed in an unmarked grave. The members of the Romanov royal family all died in that basement on the night of the 17th of July 1918 or were they?

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