U.S. History - The Coming of the Civil War

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The Coming of the Civil War1. What is nativism? What was the American or Know-Nothing party?nativism --> restricted the flow of immigration to the United StatesKnow-Nothing Party --> believed that immigration was the greatest threat to the American way of life (greater than the issue of slavery)2. What is the significance of the Kansas-Nebraska Act? What is meant by bleeding Kansas?Kansas-Nebraska Act --> revived the slavery issue-Stephen Douglas reintroduced the bill → split the NebraskaTerritory in two, placing Kansas to the west of the slave state of Missouri and Nebraska to the north of Kansas-Kansas would become a slave state & Nebraska a free state-to win the support of the South --> the bill repealed the Missouri Compromise of 1820-Kansas began to bleed --> according to the act it was up to the people in Kansas to determine whether their territory would enter the Union as a slave or free state-proslavery people from Missouri crossed the border and cast thousands of phony ballots-two competing governments formed --> a proslavery one in Lecompton ( a lot of people from Missouri - didn't really accurately portray what the people in Kansas wanted) and an antislavery one in Topeka (free soil)-John Brown launched a famous raid on proslavery settlers at Pottawatomie Creek3.

What was the platform of the Republican Party?-followed the Wilmot Proviso by calling for a prohibition on the expansion of slavery into any western territories (try to bring in free soils ideas - can keep slavery in places where it already exists) --> founding members --> Seward, Chase (both abolitionists), Lincoln-John Fremont loses to Buchanan (Democrat) - considered to be safe politicians to present to the American voters-wanted federal government to sponsor the construction of a transcontinental railroad-advocated high tariffs to protect young industries-proposed a homestead act (free or...