Ulysses: The Wandering Rocks

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Ulysses: The Wandering Rocks

Joyce introduces some of Stephen's family members in the "Wandering Rocks" segment. He sets the scene to illustrate that they are impoverished in part due to their father's alcoholism. Stephen's sister, Katey asks about the whereabouts of Dilly (another sister). In response to this inquiry Maggy, proclaims, "Gone to meet father...Our father who art not in heaven" (226-227). This quotation can be interpreted in two ways; in the literal sense, Maggy is stating that her father is not in heaven, as in he will never be in heaven if he continues his lifestyle. This quotation can also be understood in the metaphorical sense in relation to God; for Maggy, God must be absent in heaven because of all the misfortune and poverty that they are suffering.

This section also presents another interesting episode between Lenehan and M'Coy. Lenehan relates his story about his sexual encounter with Molly Bloom while Mr.

Bloom was in close proximity somewhere. This story further confirms Molly's reputation of infidelity. In Bloom's defense, however, M'Coy states, "He's a cultured allroundman...He's not one of your common or garden...you know...There's a touch of the artist about old Bloom" (235). This sentiment seems to be yet another comparison between Bloom and Dedalus as the artist.

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