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Scandal at University of North Carolina

Hailee Stewart

Darton State College


Scandal at University of North Carolina

Eighteen years have gone by, and thousands of students, mostly athletes, at the University of North Carolina have been taking fake classes to help their grades. The counselors saw the fake papers for the classes and the abnormally high grades given out just to help the student athletes stay and compete on the fields. The scandal has been under investigation for eight months and has been conducted by Ken Wainstein. The scandal has, however, afflicted the university for almost five years. Students, faculty, and the administration at the university look forward to the investigation leading to closure. Instead, Mr. Wainstein's investigation has led to more academic fraud, more so than past investigations by the school and the NCAA. Nine employees have been fired or disciplined because of their character during this scandal, and one professor had honorable status removed because 0f his actions in the scandal.

UNC is under investigation as reports spread of professors being blamed for allowing under academic performance from athletes to remain eligible to play and keep degrees after graduation.

Reports Spread the Blame Around

Who started the fake paper classes? According to Wainstein's report, it was the doing of one professor under the department of the African-American studies, Julius Nyang'oro (Beard, 2014). Mr. Nyang'oro's assistant, Deborah Crowder, is the one who created the fake classes out of compassion for the players and the other students who were not performing up to the university academic standards. Crowder was an easier grader and gave higher grades in line with Nyang'oro's way of grading. Nyang'oro's hands off approach to teaching opened the door for a scandal to develop under his supervision.