The underage Drinking Problem and how to prevent youths from consuming alcohol underage. A perspective view of parents, law enforcement, bar owners, and college students

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The ongoing act of underage drinking has been a difficult social problem for parents and community members, bar owners and servers, law enforcement officials, and college students to address. As a college student at Oswego State University, I have noticed underage drinking and the violent actions of students that arise from the consumption of alcohol. The entire situation appalls me.

In reading the article entitled, "Taking Aim at Underage Drinking" and "Punish Underage Drinkers More, Bar Owner Suggests", I perceive that there are others who feel the same way. The article mentions several groups of people that are involved in combating the illegal underage drinking. The article highlights the many groups that are involved in the implementation, enforcement, and reform of the underage drinking laws. Bar owner, Diane Broadwell, states, "We know the laws. It's how they're enforced...that is the stickler." Area bar owners feel that law enforcement officials tend to deviate from the actual law and relay false information, as stated by Diane Broadwell, "You can ask three police officers the law and get three different answers."

Furthermore, bar owners have said, "...the police are overzealous in their patrols and uncover 'sting' operations at area taverns, particularly those catering to Oswego State University students." Many bar owners feel that the police do not work with them in correcting the underage problem, by issuing "...frivolous citations and referrals to the state." It is perceived by the reader at this point that the problem lies within law enforcement officials. However, at a community meeting, law enforcement official, Mann rebuttals against the accusations by outlining the responsibilities of the bar owners. He further outlines that the responsibility to stop underage drinking "lies with the person who is actually serving the alcohol." These people can include any of the establishment's employees.