Understanding Neurons

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Neurons are the messengers' of our body, by using electrical and chemical messages to move information throughout our entire system (National, 2005). Neurons are so important, everything that we think, feel and do would be impossible without the work of a neuron.

Within the Neuron there are several parts; the axon and the dendrite. The axon transmits messages from the cell, and resembles a long tail. Dendrites receive the messages for the cell; they resemble the branches from a tree. There is a nucleus within the body which controls the cells activities and contains the cells genetic material (National, 2005). The neuron to me sounds like a large computer system that takes the information in through the dendrites, processes it and then releases it through the axon to were the information needs to go.

There are several types of neurons: The neuron that carries information to the eyes, ears, brain and other sense organs are the sensory neurons.

The neuron that carries information from the central nervous system to the muscles and glands are the motor neurons, these have long axons in order to communicate these long distances. The interneuron communicates between the sensory and motor neurons, they have short axons in order to do this (Feldman, 2008). Our sensory neurons pick up stimulation from our eye's, nose, mouth, and skin, these cells help with our sight, hearing, touching, smell and taste as well as feeling our muscles and joints, along with keeping our balance. Within the neuron, Pain receptors will respond to the chemical that is produced when you damage your skin, there are receptors that respond to all situations within our body and stimulation from outside sources (Boeree, 2006). Neurons also relate to psychology and our behaviors, Neurons effect how we behave, learn and...