Unethical Psychological Experiments

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Unethical Psychological Experiments- The "Milgram experiment" and the "Monster study"


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Malini Miles-Christiansen


Unethical Psychology Experiments- The "Milgram experiment" and the "Monster study"

Psychological experiments have played a crucial role in the development of modern-day psychology, including often-disputed cases that are commonly regarded as unethical. Controversially enough, without these experiments we may arguably not know what we do today about humans' cognitive skills or behavioural patterns when influenced in certain ways.

This essay will talk about two of the most famous experiments, namely the "Milgram experiment"(1963) and the "Monster study"(1939), and contrast them to the Code of Ethics and Conduct displayed on the British Psychological Society website as an outline for practicing psychologists. The experiments will be valued individually regarding their breach of the ethical-psychology code and to their success in deriving a useful and practical conclusion.

The Milgram experiment was conducted by Stanley Milgram in 1963 at Yale University in America. It involved a subject, or participant, and a secret actor both being presented with a slip of paper introducing them to their roles in the experiment. The actor played the part of the learner and the subject was distributed the role of teacher. They were placed in separate rooms, only being allowed to communicate via intercom, while the researcher was stationed in the room of...