The United Way: A New Organizational Model

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The United Way, a nonprofit organization founded and focused on fundraising for community social programs. Fundraising is very vital to nonprofit organizations that many times lead these organizations into the losing vision of their intended mission. Raising funds by any means is essential, but doing good things with that money is what donors want to see.

A decade ago, the United Way embarked on a self-evaluation to ensure that funding raised was used as intended. Although the new mission set by the United Way might not present an overall example for every organization, however, certain areas deserve further thought:1.Increasing community commitment and involvement by working with community leaders establishing shared goals and direction for local communities.

2.Defining long-term strategies, assets and outcomes from created action plans that clearly deal with the main issues and obstacles of the community.

3. Improving relationships and creating brand management by fostering and maintaining relationships with community individuals and organizations.

4.Strengthening the United Way leadership and corporate governance by earning public trust, authenticity and collaboration in the local community.

5.Creating efficient and cost-effective processes, procedures and systems that facilitate the execution of the mission, while ensuring the highest levels of accountability. (NPTimes, 2008).

HistoryThe United Way was founded in 1887 by two Denver, Colorado priests. It was not until the 1970s the United Way, with a partnership of the NFL, would become the first nonprofit organization to raise over $1B dollars (United Way, 2009.) The United Way since then has always built its donor foundation on large corporate organizations giving through one time donations and employee deductions. With this the United Way established an increased goal in donations from previous years. In the mid 1990s, the United Way found internet technology as a tool to communicate with local chapters...