University of Phoenix Student Goals

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"Be all that you can be" was the Army's motto for many years, and quite frankly it was my motto for just as many. I remember when I first went into the military, people would ask me what my goals were, and I would reply, "Be all that I can be." Most would say, "You are not in the Army, you are in the Air Force, Aim High." I would forever thrive to truly be all I can be, or even to Aim High. After reading Peak Learning, I realized that goals should be something specific and reasonable. Before I began setting goals for my online environment at University of Phoenix, I had to do a self-analysis. I had to analyze my abilities, needs, and values. My short-term goal is to keep an "A" average, and my long-term goal is the get a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology in two years.

The short term goal that I have set to succeed as an Information Technology student at the University of Phoenix is first and foremost manage an "A" average. I can accomplish this goal by managing my time. Now, my new motto is "I will not Procrastinate." I plan on committing at least two hours a day to my classroom studies and projects. I will not obligate myself to anything that will interfere with my participation. I will meet with my team every day to ensure our team projects are being completed and everyone is satisfied with our work. I will make sure to ask questions when I'm uncertain about things. I will take our weekly discussions and apply them to my everyday life. I have to keep my eye on the prize, because, if I don't stay motivated, I will accomplish nothing. I'm convinced that if I can...