The Unlikely Suspects

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In the late 90's, a sudden epidemic took over Plano, Texas. Heroin usage was becoming more common among the teens. The community of Plano is a distinguished suburb north of Dallas. Plano residents are considered one of the most fortunate in the Dallas area due to their high incomes and model citizens. Their neighborhoods consists of huge houses boasting over three-thousand square feet. A shiny BMW or Mercedes sits in every other driveway. Their gated communities are manned twenty-four hours by security

guards. Many wondered how this could have happened in an affluent suburb like Plano.

These teenagers were popular among their peers. They weren't the kids dressed in all black, nor were they the teens from single-parent homes. They were your football

players, cheerleaders, and honor-roll students. While admired by their peers, they were also respected by the adults of the community. With so many expectations to live up to and standards to meet, they turned to heroin.

Heroin was their escape from reality and society. When on a high, the teens wouldn't have to think about grades, games, upcoming tests, or parents. It left them worry-free for the time being. Some of the teens even felt that heroin gave them energy to accomplish more. Most of these teens had long days that consisted of school, practices, and meetings. Being almost burned out, they turned to the drug for a quick dose of energy. They were cars running on empty and heroin was their fuel. Little did they know how addicting and powerful it would be.

Most of Plano's residents consisted of employees of Fortune 500 companies and their All-American families. The fathers are usually busy putting in sixty-hour work weeks to provide the best for their families. Their lives were completely centered on work. Their spouses...