A simple English essay about teen drug abuse and what parents can do.

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Teen drug abuse is a prevalent problem and therefore a very pressing issue. Many teens use or abuse drugs but have no real understanding of the danger they are exposing themselves to. Research shows that 90% of all school children will be pressured by friends to use illegal substances (Focus Adolescent Services 6). Teenagers need the knowledge to make the right decision about drugs when introduced to substances.

In order to address problems early parents should educate themselves about the warning signs of drug abuse. If a parent knows what to look for they will see changes in their child physically, emotionally, in school performance, in their relationships with their family, and in their social life. In terms of physical changes the teen would be tired, with red or glazed eyes, a lasting cough, and frequent sicknesses. Emotionally you would see low self-esteem, irritability, irresponsible behavior, and mood changes.

School performance could decrease, with discipline problems, truancy and an overall lack of interest. At home with the family the teen could be starting arguments, breaking rules, and withdrawing from the family. Finally the parents would see changes in appearance and hygiene, or spending time with friends that are showing the same symptoms (Foundation For Youth 10). A parent needs to be able to identify these warning signs and know what course of action to take if they suspect substance abuse

When a teen is addicted to drugs, he or she needs immediate intervention. The most effective way to provide support and recovery is through treatment programs and therapy. There are many kinds of treatment programs to treat drug abuse. These programs use different methods and goals to rehabilitate the abuser. Detox facilities are usually step-by-step programs that physically and emotionally support the drug abusers efforts to get clean. Patients...