Unnecessary Cruelty

Essay by trory_addictA-, April 2006

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I know I wouldn't like to spend my life squeezed in a cage with other animals, never being able to feel the grass, run around and play outside, or go for a walk in the warmth of daylight. Now I'm not an animal and many people say that animals aren't like us but I believe that's not true. I believe that animals experience and feel pain, fear, anxiety, stress, depression, boredom, joy and happiness. And I know that each and everyday animal rights are being exploited in horrible cruelties that aren't necessary. I know that the following three things are horrible ways to treat animals: animal testing removes animals from their natural habitats, and exposes them to dangerous chemicals; the fur industry is responsible for the miserable lives and painful deaths of nearly 40 million animals; and the farming industry has become a highly cruel and competitive business in which the well being of animals is no longer taken into consideration.

I've been to the many websites devoted to the cruelty involved in animal testing. I've seen the real life footage of rabbits being immobilized with ulcers in their eyes; baby seals being clubbed over the head, and the infamous shock treatments. I've discussed the happenings that go on in laboratories and I know that this research is cruel and merciless treatment of innocent animals. I've researched a lot on the topic and I can tell you, truthfully, that there is no law that requires cosmetics and household products be tested on animals. Not only do I know that these tests are cruel, but I've learned that the results are unreliable scientific evidence. What I want in this world is just for companies to realize that non-animal tests have in fact proved more accurate and less expensive. I know...