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Two Rivers, Wisconsin By: Robert J. Schmidt For Wisconsin History Monday & Wednesday 1:10-2:00 4/17/02 If one were to travel 36 miles Southeast of Green Bay they would run into a small town known as Two Rivers. Two rivers is located on the coast of Lake Michigan. Two Rivers is surrounded on three sides by the majestic Lake Michigan. Not far from Two Rivers is its sister city Manitowoc.

French Canadians as well as the Chippewa Indians founded two Rivers. The Chippewa Indians called the area Neshotah that means "a junction of 2 rivers", since the twin rivers join together before entering Lake Michigan. The Chippewa Indians also named the twin rivers. The West River is known as "Neshoto" meaning west, and the East river is "Mishicot" meaning east. Two Rivers is obviously named after these twin rivers. The rivers themselves are almost geographically the same. The rivers are split between the city capital that is located in the center of downtown, and then rejoin together right before they hit Lake Michigan.

There is more than seven miles of clean and wide white sandy beaches along the city's edges for the town's people as well as the tourist to enjoy. Swimming, wind surfings, beach coming, or just even to take a brake and relax in the sun are just some of the things you can enjoy in Two Rivers. Not to mention one of the biggest activities to enjoy is the fishing. Fishing charters is a major tourist attraction, the Kiwanis fishing derby brings anglers from throughout the Midwest. You can fish on or off shore in almost all of the four seasons. Not only are the Twin rivers a good resource for fishing they are a major and important resource for water. The rivers stream are usually calm and slow, which you could say it matches the way of life of Two Rivers.

Two Rivers is a town were the pace of life doesn't get any slower. Its slow paced atmosphere and friendly townspeople make you feel like you are in the South. Trees line the quiet streets of the all American city. In the center of town are gracious old buildings that frame Central Park. Young and old gather here for festivals, or just to sit and talk. Band Concerts are also held in Central Park on a regular basis. Tourists shop at all the well-kept stores and are often greeted with a friendly smile. Two Rivers is a town were every body knows your name. With the atmosphere at a comfortable pace tourists feel right at home with the lodging that they can find right along the coastline. The restaurants serve every kind of food imaginable, it isn't the stereotyped "Hillbilly" food that some people would think since Two Rivers is such a small city.

The city's factories provide the economic stability to the community and offer a secure lifestyle. Two Rivers is home to many important discoveries and inventions. One of the factories that are in Two Rivers is Hamilton Industries. Here is were the washing machine was made, along with washing machines Hamilton Industries is also a Industry of wood supplying/furniture. Another Industrial company is Eggers Industries which is a place were it designs architectural plans for homes and supplies plywood to many other industries and companies. The last company that is big in Two Rivers is Kahlenberg Brothers Co. They are the leaders in Marine sound signals for boats and ships. Most of the ships that run in Lake Michigan have a horn or some type of device that they bought from Kahlenberg Brothers. These Brothers are to say very wealthy with the volume of boats that are on Lake Michigan. The most important invention to every come out of Two Rivers is the ice cream sundae. There is some arguing that Two Rivers was in fact the first to invent the ice cream sundae. It was discovered by the man named Ed Berners in 1881.