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Techspiracy Technology is fast but not fast enough to impress me. I am a visionary, I am ahead of my time, I see beyond the ordinary. The technology we use today, I envisisioned five maybe, six years ago. There are many technological breakthroughs the public is unaware of. Breakthroughs does not become public until the government can fully control them. The government has the public's mind so occupied with all this digital, cyberspace, virtual reality, bull dot com crap, that some of us fail to seek knowledge of future technologies.

Today's technology: two -way pagers, interactive cellular phones, navigational systems and other digital gadgets may be new to Generation X; but the ideas and prototypes of the very product we have today, were being put to use by Baby Boomers who worked for the government a decade ago, don't feel bad, this is done for security reasons. If we had access to everything the government uses, then we would be too dangerous for ourselves.

I have reasons to believe the longer the public waits for new technology, the safer it will be for all of us to use. Do you recall cell phone cloning in the early 1990's ? Cellular phone customers were being overcharged because hackers were tapping into their accounts and activating several phones for illegal use and profit.

No matter how you look at it, it all balls down to one big conspiracy. In my opinion, this is the way the government controls the public. They throw all these gadgets at us to stagnate our minds. We are hooked on television sets, if not we get lost in cyberspace, or even worse-we grow brain tumors from too much cellular use. Yet to make matters worse, we pay for air! That's right air, (As in airtime). Cellular service and cable reception comes from the very own satellites we helped to build with our tax dollars. Thank god we still listen to radio free of charge. Well, let me not mention that too loud because….