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May 21, 1998 period 1 The Beatles I enjoyed the music of The Beatles. I felt that their songs were fun and uplifting. They had enjoyable beats and were easy to dance and listen to. Listening to their music didn?t put me to sleep. That is a good thing. They didn?t always have to have a meaning behind their music. Some of the songs that they wrote were just a result of them screwing around.

The one thing that I did notice was that I could understand every word they were singing in their songs. That is another reason that I enjoyed their music so much. There have been many groups in the past, and there are many groups today that don?t know how to make music. All they can do is make racket and scream into a microphone.

There were a couple of Beatles songs that did have a very serious meaning and others that were just about drugs and good times.

Unless you were sitting down and really analyzing their music you were not able to figure out that they were singing about drugs. After they met Dylan there music did make a drastic change, but they still had the respect of their audiences and still do today. They have definitely made a difference in the music industry.

May 21, 1998 period 1 QueenQueen is a very fun group to listen to. Their upbeat crazy music keeps people listening. They became more and more popular with every new album they released. Queen?s songs often had several hidden meanings. We think that they were just having fun when they wrote certain songs, but in reality they were expressing themselves. A lot of the meanings went unknown for a very long time and some are still making people wonder.

They also had a very talented band. This made it easier to make the background music in their songs interesting. The guitar solos are excellent, the drummer is great, and the vocals are very enjoyable. There are many that feel that the fact that the lead was a bisexual changed the quality of their music. I don?t believe that. Queen was Queen, no matter what, they were good.

There is a reason that they had nineteen albums, eight gold and six platinum, they played quality music. I am glad there music is still appreciated around the world today.

May 21, 1998 period 1 The Sex Pistols This is a group I wouldn?t mind never hearing again. Their music was loud and obnoxious. Their Members were dirty and rude. They just weren?t enjoyable at all. The lyrics were disgusting and were very hard to understand. What?s the fun of listening to a song if you have no clue what you?re listening to? The meanings of their songs were gross. Who want?s graphic details of an abortion? Not Me! They had sick minds and It made me sick just listening to them. I began to get very frustrated because every song was exactly the same. The only thing they changed was their improper tasteless words. They didn?t sing, they screamed. I don?t classify that as music.

I did like the fact that they spoke out about how they felt on certain issues. I just wish they would of picked a more enjoyable, and tasteful manner to do it in. They definitely got out of their music what they put into it.